Click here to hear the Ceramic Cuteware Song.

Heidi lives her life much like a palette of color. From dancing, singing, writing, painting and sculpting to teaching art, Heidi does it all! This multi talented artist displays her warm sense of humor in her “Cuteware”. Each piece is individually high fired and then low fire glazes are applied. Whimsical and detailed are the descriptive words that are placed on Heidi’s work.

Ceramic Cuteware is so sweet,
Ceramic Cuteware can't be beat,
It's delectable, it's collectible,
Oh I love ceramic Cuteware!

Ceramic Cuteware makes me happy,
It makes my fingertips go snappy,
It's respectable, and collectible,
Oh I love ceramic Cuteware!

Now you may be wond'ring what you'd do with art work so bewitchin'
Well, many folks have told me that they keep theirs in their kitchen.
Oh perhaps your den or living room, just so your friends can see 'em,
You could even turn your bathroom into a Cuteware museum.

Ceramic Cuteware is adorable,
To be without's deplorable,
Don't neglect it, you ought to collect it,
Oh I love ceramic Cuteware,
Oh, oh, oh! I love ceramic Cuteware!